Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Map

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Map

Information of Pho Kyar Elephant Camp
Gateway to Yoma

Pho Kyar forest resort is situated at foot-hill of Bago Yoma mountain ranges lies within the Saing Ya tropical reserved forests, 10 miles away from west of Thargaya near the Yoma crossing road. Thargaya, the main gate way is on the Yangon Mandalay motorway, 204 miles away from Yangon.

Pho Kyar Elephant Camp in Yedashe Township – Thargara. Distance from Yangon to Taungoo is 175 miles (about 7 hours drive) and from Taungoo to elephant camp is 26 miles (about 1 hour drive). Pho Kyar Elephant camp has demonstrations showing how these animals are captured and domesticated. Visitors can enjoy a ride on elephants and working elephants in action.


Rising Sun Of Yoma

Pho Kyar forest resort is recently emerged as the ideal eco-tourism spot being having a special privilege of occupying a prime location, a little forest boardering with a stream running in zig-zag way within the area and providing an abundance of water supply for local settlement and elephants bathing.

And having more than 150 years old teak and other commercial trees species within the camp is a credit for our clients.

In and around the camp, fragrance of the seasonal flowering trees and wild orchids, the humming and chit-chatting of birds would give you a gentle smile.

Way To Yoma

There is an extra visit to mahaut's (elephant driver ) residents at the elephant village and see how instincts, language and inborn tendency between elephants and mahouts are linked and related.

You are welcome to explore the atmosphere of the newly emergence of our Pho Kyar Forest Resort where you could experience the service and hospitality that are well beyond your expectations.x














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