A little bit of Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is the northwestern-most country on the mainland of Southeast Asia. Area of our country Myanmar is 676,578 sq.km (96.94% land and 3.06% water)
Myanmar is sharing border with Thailand, Loas , India, China and Bangladesh.
The main river in Myanmar is the Aye-yar-waddy River(the meaning is the great river).
We have assorted weather and natural beauties such as Icy mountains, Rain forests, Mangrove Forest in wide delta area, inland lakes, old volcanoes & live ones Beautiful Hilly Regions and , Sandy Beaches & Archipelago with marvelous diving sites…etc.

 First of all, the time: Myanmar Standard Time (MST) is GMT/UTC + 6.30.
 Therefore 12.00 noon in Yangon is 05.30 in London, 11.00 in India and 12.30 in Bangkok.

Okay, the following are for your information and just brief about Myanmar..

little bit of Myanmar

2.1 Climate of Myanmar

Tropical monsoon in the lowlands below 2,000 m (6,562 ft);
There is cloudy, rainy, hot, and humid when southwest monsoon occurs, June to September.
 It will be less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, and lower humidity during northeast monsoon, December to April.

Climate varies in the highlands depending on elevation;
Subtropical temperate climate at around 2,500 m (8,202 ft),
Temperate at 3,000 m (9,843 ft),
Cool, alpine at 3,500 m (11,483 ft) and
Above the alpine zone, cold, harsh tundra and Arctic climate.

 2.2 Rivers
The Irrawaddy, the main river of Myanmar, flows from north to south through the Central Basin and ends in a wide delta.
The Mekong runs from the Tibetan Plateau through China's Yunnan province entering Northeastern Myanmar into Laos.
In the east the Thanlween and the Sittaung River run along the western side of the Shan Hills and the northern end of the Dawna Range.

2.3  Main Peaks
. Hkakaborazi (5,881 m) in Ka Chin State is the highest in Southeast Asia.
. Saramati, 3826 m
                .Bumhpa Bum, 3,411 m
                .Mol Len, 3,088 m
                .Sangpang Bum, 2,692 m
                .Loi Leng, 2,673 m
                .Mong Ling Shan, 2,641 m
                .Nattaung, 2,623 m
                .Loi Pangnao, 2,563 m
                .Mela Taung, 2,080 m
                .Myinmoletkat Taung 2,072 m
                .Mulayit Taung 2,005 m
                .Mawhpung Bum, 1,874 m

The usual trekking peak for the Tourists
. Nat Ma Taung/Mount Victoria (3,053 m) in Chin State
. Kennedy Peak (Myanmar) (2,703 m) in Chin State
. Mount Popa (1518 m) near Bagan

2.4   Division and Regions of Myanmar

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2.5   People of Myanmar

Myanmar is an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups officially recognized. These are grouped into eight "major national ethnic races":
1.    Kachin
2.    Kayah
3.    Kayin
4.    Chin
5.    Mon
6.    Bamar
7.    Rakhine
8.    Shan
The "major national ethnic races" are grouped primarily according to region rather than linguistic or ethnic affiliation, as for example the Shan Major National Ethnic Race includes 33 ethnic groups speaking languages in at least four widely differing language families.
Generally speaking, most Myanmar people are incredibly friendly and polite, and will do their best to make you feel welcome in their country that’s why for a tourist who has been to Myanmar, usually the people are the main reason to visit again.

2.6  Religion  in Myanmar  
Majority of Myanmar (89.2%) practice Buddhism(mostlyTheravada Buddhism). There are also various religions in Myanmar: Christianity (5.0%), Islam (3.8%), Hinduism (0.5%), Spiritualism (1.2%) and others (0.2%).

 2.7  Language
In Myanmar, there are about 107 languages and dialects spoken by the different tribes. The national language is Myanmar (Bamar), which belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language group and is spoken or understood by about 90% of the population. English is not widely spoken except in areas frequented by foreign tourists and businesspeople such as airports, hotels and tourist sites. River Mekong Travels can provide professional English-speaking guides, and guides fluent in other languages on request. We can also provide English-speaking drivers for driving tours of Myanmar.

2.8  Festivals of Myanmar
Myanmar is also could be called as land as festivals. In Myanmar 12 Myanmar months has it own festivals and also festivals of tribes and regions are also present.
Therefore, a trip to Myanmar is not just about visiting the historic places and gazing at the natural beauty, it’s also about experiences; and there’s no more typical Myanmar experience than a festival, or ‘pwe’. Thousands of festivals take place up and down the country each year and some are truly huge events. As an example, the Manau Festival in Myitkyina boasts dances performed by as many as 2,000 people – at one time. One of the highlights of travelling in Myanmar is spending time with the charming and hospitable Myanmar people. Festivals offer an unparalleled opportunity to interact with local people, having fun or making a pilgrimage. A festival is also an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into Myanmar life and traditions, culture and beliefs. Myanmar also uses its own traditional lunar calendar, and most festival dates are determined by this. The lunar year has 12 months (a thirteenth is added every four years). The lunar month begins (the waxing phase) the day after the dark moon day, peaks on the full moon day and then tails off (the waning phase) to the next dark moon. As an example 01st November 2009 is the full moon day of Tazaungmon in the Myanmar year 1371. We have listed some of the most important festivals here under each lunar month.

 Business Hours
Government offices open from 09:30 to 16:30 on weekdays. Banking hours are from 10:00 to 14:00. Private companies work daily except Sunday and gazette holidays. Shopping centers and super markets open daily. But the most famous Bogyoke (Scott) market closes on Monday and gazette holidays. Busy hours at this place are from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.

2.9  Official Holidays

Myanmar Birding Information

Myanmar/ Burma has unique biodiversity in the world. Myanmar offers outstanding opportunities for birders and professional nature and wildlife photographers with its diverse biosphere, different ecosystems from coastal habitat to mountainous forests, and unparalleled natural...