Twan Tay

Twan Tay village has very much retained its original character.If you haven’t private car,you can  take a local taxi to the jetty and take a local ferry across the river. Once across, a one hour drive by local taxi will take us to Twante. The road is extremely bumpy and you should be prepared for an uncomfortable yet very interesting ride, which provides a glimpse of life on and along the famous Twante Canal. After a visit to Shwesandaw Pagoda we can take a trishaw to the pottery area where a large part of the population in Twante is engaged in production pottery. Walking through the many workshops where locals are busy molding pots, we will be able to observe this very traditional craft.

Twante is an ancient city, which stands 24 Km away from Yangon and noted for its pottery, cotton weaving industries, and Shwesandaw (golden hair relic) paya built by the Mons over two thousand years ago. A three-hour cruise trip through to Twante canal has an opportunity to see the way of life along the Twante canal, which was dug during the colonial era as a short cut across the Ayeyarwddy Delta to connect with entire delta region including the main port city of Pathein.

Oh-Bo Pottery Sheds

The art of making pots in Myanmar has originated several hundred years ago having different methods, designs, & workmanship may differ from various parts of the country and period. Although the agriculture and fishery are important business, pottery is the most commonly found in Twante. Visitors can study the age-old methods of producing well-designed, utilitarian containers of all shapes and sizes under big thatched-roof sheds on the banks of Twante canal.

Shwesandaw Paya

A 76-m tall, well proportionate Mon-styled stupa built by the Mons over 2000-years ago is another highlight of Twante. A large market in the centre of town near the canal banks was destroyed by the fire in January 1995 but has since rebuilt.

Myanmar Birding Information

Myanmar/ Burma has unique biodiversity in the world. Myanmar offers outstanding opportunities for birders and professional nature and wildlife photographers with its diverse biosphere, different ecosystems from coastal habitat to mountainous forests, and unparalleled natural...