Alongtaw Kathapa National Park

One of the rim sites in Myanmar on the ASEAN Heritage Parks list. Recreation activities are trekking and elephant riding. About 100 species of butterfly, elephants, tigers, deer and a variety of rare bird species can be found in the 621 square - mile park.



Situated 95 km to the northwest of Monywa is this renowned place of interest called Alaungdaw Kathapa. A journey to this involves some 27 km of a tough trekking and elephant ride besides the trips by road and water. It is recommended especially for those keen on adventurous walks in a jungle. Kathapa is in fact the name of an Arhat whose remains, it is believed, are kept in this place. However, what you can see there is but the representation of the reclining Arhat.



  • Located between 22' 25' N and 94' 26' E in Mingin Township of Sagaing Division.



  • 620.35 square miles.

  Year of Establishment

  • Established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 and opened as a national park in 1984.


  • (a) Yangon to Alungdaw Kathapa, 981 miles by car.
  • (b) Yangon to Mamdalay, 400 miles by airway and      Mandalay to Alungdaw Kathapam, 148 miles by car.


  • (a) To conserve Biodiversity including flora and fauna.
  • (b) To study and research on ecosystem of plants and      animals.
  • (c) To mange forest resources, including biodiversity by establishing as a national park in accordance with the sustainable production policy of natural resources
  • (d) To promote ecotourism.

  Forest / Vegetative Types

  • (a) Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests
  • (b) Dry Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests
  • (c) Lower Mixed Deciduous Forests
  • (d) Indaing Forests
  • (e) Pine Forests


  • Elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, banteng, sambur, barking deer, jungle goat, mountain goat, bear, wild boar, jungle cat and many kinds of birds inhabit Alungdaw Kathapa.

  Conservation, Development and Research   Programmes

  • (a) Conservation of natural Forests.
  • (b) Conservation of wildlife including tiger,
  • (c) Carrying out research works and Conservation of tiher generations with the assistance of international  organizations.
  • (d) Conservation of all-weather road from Kapaing village to Bayana Camp.
  • (e) Conducting environmental education programmes.
  • (f) Promoting ecotourism.

  Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • (a) Worship at the place where Alungdaw Shinmahar      Kathpa has been enshrined.
  • (b) Visiting and conducting research in the least      disturbed forest types.
  • (c) Conducting research on tiger conservation and      management.
  • (d) Observing intand avifauna species.
  • (e) Study of the growing condition of Kndaing forest and Pine forest.
  • (f) Accommodation facilities for  
          - 5 persons in Yinmabin guest house
          -  10 persons at the mountain guest house
          -  8 persons in a logged cabin and 2 hotels
          -  5 persons in nearby Kapaing village.


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