About Us

 We are a local Travel Agent run by Myanmar People who wants to give the best Myanmar Service to the travelers visiting the region. Since year 2000, we started to establish and operate a resort on Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar called “Emerald Sea Resort”: www.emeraldseahotel.com. After being in the tourism industry for 12 years, we have started the River Mekong Travels & Tours so that we could give one stop service to our customers who have asked the Emerald Sea Resort reservation team to provide them information about Myanmar’s destination and transport services and etc. This is how River Mekong Travel & Tours established. We focus on our customer service and aim to our customers’ satisfaction and try our best to provide happy & memorable moments in our country Myanmar.

 Because we came along way in the service industry, we also provide tailored made tours for every customer should they need to plan their own trip after exploring our suggested itineraries. Then, we have crossed over the Birding Customers who would like to explore Birds of Myanmar. We got close relationship with experienced Birding Guides in each destination and with them, we planned to develop a Great Birding Travel Agency in Myanmar. We had established our Facebook Page named “Bird Watching Myanmar” and got many likes within a few weeks. We are also very much enthusiastic to emphasize on Ecotourism as we strongly believe that Responsible tourism development in each sector could be leading to the conservation of culture, Nature’s species and also the job opportunity even to the grass root level.

 As a travel agent, we could help our customer to have happy, carefree and get unforgettable memories when they travel in the region with well planned itinerary & our experienced guides.

 Our ultimate goal is to give the best service to our customers for the memorable trip…..and we will be there when you want to explore Myanmar…your vacation will be…Journey with Loving care..

 With warmest regards from Myanmar,

Dr. Nwai Aye Aye Wai

Managing Director: River Mekong Travels

Director: the Emerald Sea Resort, Ngwe Saung Beach

HP: (959) 520 0889

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Myanmar Birding Information

Myanmar/ Burma has unique biodiversity in the world. Myanmar offers outstanding opportunities for birders and professional nature and wildlife photographers with its diverse biosphere, different ecosystems from coastal habitat to mountainous forests, and unparalleled natural...